Gym membership rules

By joining and visiting Goldex Fitness, you agree to abide by the Gym Membership Rules, which concern the use of facilities and conduct, at all times.

Failure to observe any of the rules may result in your membership being terminated with immediate effect or additional charges being applied to your membership.

We reserve the right to make reasonable amendments to the Gym Membership Rules at any time. It is your responsibility to check online at regular intervals for updates.

Any aggressive, abusive, anti-social or threatening behaviour to staff or other gym members will not be tolerated, whatsoever.

Only licensed personal trainers employed by Goldex Fitness are permitted to provide training services to gym members.

For safety reasons, personal bags are not permitted on the gym floor and the correct attire must be worn when exercising, i.e. suitable exercise clothing and appropriate footwear. Clothing such as jeans, boots, flip-flops/sandals or work wear are not permitted.

Under no circumstances may you enter Goldex Fitness if under the influence of alcohol, drugs or any medication or other substance which may affect your ability to exercise safely. Goldex Fitness reserves the right to remove you from the premises if we have reasonable cause to believe you are unfit to use the facilities in the correct and safe manner.

Smoking, including e-cigarettes and vapes, are strictly prohibited in all areas of the gym.

If you are feeling unwell, displaying symptoms of COVID-19 (or any variation thereof) or have tested positive for COVID-19 (of any variation thereof), or live with anyone who has, you are not permitted to enter the gym until you are feeling better and have allowed for the necessary isolation period to pass in line with Government guidelines.

You must ensure that you put weights and other equipment back in their original place once finished.You must not misuse weights by dropping/slamming them on the floor.

You are not permitted to take any photographs or videos at the premises (unless authorised in writing by Goldex Fitness) or post remarks to the internet that may identify another member.

Equipment & Facilities
All members are offered a comprehensive induction to instruct you on the use of the gym equipment and facilities. Goldex Fitness Limited will not accept any liability for any claim for personal injury if you use the gym equipment or facilities having not undertaken an induction from a member of staff.

All equipment must be used as appropriate.To avoid injury to yourself and prevent damage to equipment, you should always seek the advice of a member of staff before using any piece of equipment that you are not familiar with.Members must bring their own towel to make use of shower facilities.

Members must use their own hand wraps and appropriately adequate boxing gloves when using the punchbags to avoid injury. Anyone deemed to not be using appropriate wraps or gloves by a member of staff will be asked to refrain from using the punchbags.

Gym lockers should only be used for the duration of your training session. Lockers will be emptied at night and items will be moved to lost property. Padlocks may be broken to gain access and will not be replaced by Goldex Fitness. We do not take responsibility for any item held in lost property. Such items will be kept until claimed, but for no longer than one week after which time the items will either be donated to charity or destroyed.Members must use their own padlock or can purchase one from the reception desk.

Members are solely responsible for their own belongings. Goldex Fitness accepts no responsibility or liability for any loss or damage to personal property.

All members must be aged 16 years or older.

Do not share your membership access with anyone else. It is personal to you and any misuse may result in extra charges being applied or your membership being terminated.

When you are finished using equipment, please wipe all surfaces down with the antibacterial cleaning products provided. Cleaning stations and wipes are available in the gym for your use.You must sanitise your hands upon entering the gym.Last Updated: March 2022